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more than just radio

Luke Budreau
Host: Morning Show

Luke's passion lies in empowering children, students, and parents, guiding them to unlock their fullest potential and discover their purpose within God's Kingdom. Having relocated from the USA to Fredericton, he and his wife, Vanessa, have found joy in their new life, cherishing moments with their two precious daughters and two delightful canine companions.


Luke hosts the "The Morning Show With Pastor Luke," From 7 - 9 AM Monday to Friday, inspiring them with wisdom and heartfelt messages. In addition to his show, Luke is the proud owner of the renowned hot dog cart, "Hol-e Hotdog." Through his delectable creations, he serves the community with a blend of mouthwatering flavours and warm hospitality.


When he's not busy with his endeavours, Luke finds solace in his unwavering faith in God, cherishing quality time spent with his family. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, nothing brings him more joy than indulging in God's love, enjoying cherished moments with his loved ones, and savouring a bowl of chips alongside the company of good friends. Luke's life is a beautiful tapestry of dedication, love, and a mission to uplift those around him in both his spiritual journey and culinary delights.

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