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Our Team

Luke Budreau
Station Manager/Morning Show Host

Luke's passion lies in empowering children, students, and parents, guiding them to unlock their fullest potential and discover their purpose within God's Kingdom. Having relocated from the USA to Fredericton, he and his wife, Vanessa, have found joy in their new life, cherishing moments with their two precious daughters and two delightful canine companions.


Luke hosts the "The Morning Show With Pastor Luke," From 7 - 9 AM Monday to Friday, inspiring them with wisdom and heartfelt messages. In addition to his show, Luke is the proud owner of the renowned hot dog cart, "Hol-e Hotdog." Through his delectable creations, he serves the community with a blend of mouthwatering flavours and warm hospitality.


When he's not busy with his endeavours, Luke finds solace in his unwavering faith in God, cherishing quality time spent with his family. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, nothing brings him more joy than indulging in God's love, enjoying cherished moments with his loved ones, and savouring a bowl of chips alongside the company of good friends. Luke's life is a beautiful tapestry of dedication, love, and a mission to uplift those around him in both his spiritual journey and culinary delights.


Justin Connors
Production Manager/Show Host/Music Director/Program Director

Justin loves telling great stories in visual/written mediums. Born and raised in Fredericton NB, Justin is a Dad of two children, Hannah and Isaac. He also graduated from the Centre for Arts and Technology with a diploma in Graphic Design.

Before coming to Joy, Justin was a co-host of of The Great Big Beautiful Podcast where he has gotten to interview many well known pop culture icons and celebrities.

At Joy Justin is always on the lookout for new music and finding artists that he thinks the listeners will connect with. He is also the midday show host where he talks about fun and relatable stories and also shares his heart.

Jodi Harrington
Host: Drive w/ Jodes

Jodi is a born and raised Frederictonian and lover of all things music.


She holds two degrees, one in English, Theatre, & Music and one in Education, from St. Thomas University. She spends most of her days planning trips to Walt Disney World, enjoying delicious food, and listening to her favourite bands NEEDTOBREATHE & Switchfoot.


She currently hosts the drive home show “The Drive with Jodes” where she aims to bring a little joy into everyone’s day. She enjoys bringing listeners the latest in Christian music news, interesting tidbits she’s learned on the internet, fun foodie ideas, and so much more.


Rachel Van Raalte
Host: Renew With Rachel and Le

Renew’s co-host, Rachel has spent most of her years here in Fredericton.  She has been blessed with a supportive husband Matt and together, they live an adventurous life raising their two boys, Koen and Grayson.

It scares Rachel when she realizes how long she’s been adulting.   As long as she can remember she’s been involved at her local church, loving on people and leading them in worship.  She has a passion for helping people which lead her to become a Registered Massage Therapist over a decade ago.  That passion also shines through with her love to cheer on others & see them grow strong in their faith.

 Although Instagram is her jam, she thrives on face to face connection. She truly believes we were made to move, so outside of work you can find her at the gym, skiing, running, hiking, biking….basically moving while listening to podcasts!  

Le Farris
Host: Renew With Rachel and Le

Le grew up in Alberta and married a dashingly handsome man named Jason. After living in Ontario for 3 years, he moved her the rest of the way across the country to New Brunswick because you know what they say – Maritimers always return to the Maritimes at some point in their lives. Le is a mom to 4 beautiful children – Matthew, Emily, Rebekah and Victoria who keep her very, very busy.

Le has a Bachelors Degree in Arts with a minor in Management. She enjoys organizing events to bring people together and volunteering at church and in the community whenever she can. Le loves to sing and play the piano and one day, she is hoping to conquer the cello.

Le loves food and loves to cook. You better not sit next to her when you eat because her favourite food is ‘your food’.  Aside from eating, she loves the passion and care that Joy exemplifies and is looking forward to help bring great things to this city and province through the Joy Network.


Host: Faith, Hope and Hip Hop

One8tea is an award-winning Canadian hip-hop artist. He is the founder of One8tea Ministries which is an organization focussed on supporting youth in communities all over Canada using concerts and workshops covering topics such as faith, bullying, teen suicide and drug awareness.


One8tea was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has experienced everything from homelessness to a heavy cocaine addiction. In 2010 he entered into a faith based rehab program called Teen Challenge. Upon graduation in 2011 One8tea founded One8tea Ministries and released 3 mixtapes and produced an album for a national charity. He then released 5 independent studio albums with Reverence winning a 2017 Covenant Award for Rap Album of the Year and Ventilation being nominated for a 2019 ECMA award and two 2019 Covenant Awards.


In 2021 he won the Music NB Award for Song of the Year and became the 1st Black artist to ever win a Music NB award. He wasn't done there when in 2022 One8tea won the ECMA Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the Year. He also took home two 2022 Covenant Awards through Gospel Music Association of Canada. One8tea took home Rap Song of the Year & Rap Artist of the Year.

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